Relationships, Naturally – USGBC & Desotorow Inc.

On August 22nd in the American Legion Ballroom, USGBC-Savannah’s award show “Green Gives Back” celebrated the cities environmentally conscious buildings, organizations, and people. To support the event and add a splash of color, Desotorow Inc prepared a one-night exhibition of local artwork that explored the concept of sustainability. “Relationships, Naturally” featured the work of Curtis Bartone, Betsy Cain, Harry DeLorme, and Isaac McCaslin with an introductory essay by Scott Boylston. The unique styles and personalized mediums spoke with a cohesive voice on the wonder and beauty of nature vs. the threat of unsustainable waste.

To showcase the paintings, assemblages, and etchings, eleven custom easels were built from first-growth pine. Reclaimed by Emergent Structures from a renovation project on Jones Street, the wood began it’s new journey (from a different perspective, finished a long journey) as a pile of old lumber in the back lot of Southern Pines.

Originally slated for Design For Abilities new greenhouse, the materials were graciously donated to Desotorow’s exhibition efforts. After cutting and finishing the lumber in the Southern Pines workshop with help from Charlie Crosby, the clean cut 2×1’s were moved to Desotorow Director Clinton Edminster’s house for finishing.

A little further help from Piers & Beam on the angled cuts, a handfull of hardware from Home Depot, and many cups of coffee later, eleven hand-crafted easels were ready to support more than just art.

The easels will support Desotorow’s programming, educational initiatives, local artists, and reliably encourage a more sustainable solution with every use.
Desotorow Inc. is an easel for the arts, a support structure to raise up and showcase the talent and creativity of the city. Just as the reclaimed easels encouraged a community of organizations and people to lend a hand towards their crafting, Desotorow grows from a similar community of encouragement and support to help us reach our goals.

Author: SAI

Savannah Art Informer is a program by Art Rise Savannah, a non-profit arts organization in Savannah, Georgia.

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