“Wabi-Sabi” fibers show is all about accepting the beauty of imperfections

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese worldview that is based on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Although it is hard for many of us to accept the beauty of imperfections, Raven Brown and Thea Milinaire depict the beauty of imperfection perfectly through their art works.


“Point Blank” by Raven Brown


Brown and Milinaire are two SCAD (soon-to-be) alumni. Brown is from Atlanta, GA and Milinaire is from Santa Fe, NM. They met through a mutual friend and wound up being roommates. Wabi-Sabi, their exhibition opening at Sulfur Studios on Friday, June 3, is meant to depict their own personal journey of discovering the concept of Wabi-sabi through their art works.

Brown says that in this exhibit “you’ll get a little of everything. On my end I work with some materials that are traditionally understood as “fibers” and some materials that are more exploratory. You will see yarn, paper, cork, cotton and wool. But you will also see some sequined yarn, tinsel, beads, and even faux flowers.”


Work by Raven Brown


In contrast, Milinaire’s work is in printmaking and she explores different techniques such as lithography. Milinaire explains, “My work also embroiders wire and beads that are usually used in jewelry.”

For both artists, each piece took up to a week to create. Brown explains that her piece titled “Point Blank” took her about 72 hours to create because it was all beaded.


Detail of work by Thea Milinaire


Milinaire explains that the “lithography process requires you to draw these pieces twice, then cut each drawing out, layer them and mount them on Dura-Lar. So sometimes these works would take me weeks to create.” The detail in each piece is meticulous and the variety of mediums used will keep viewers intrigued and yearning to find out more about the other works.


Detail of work by Thea Milinaire


Wabi-Sabi opens in the main gallery at Sulfur Studios on Friday, June 3 with a reception from 6 – 9pm.

Author: Michelle Guash

Michelle Guash is an Art Historian who currently works for the Telfair Museum of Art. She is originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico and has a dog named Tiny. She hopes to be a curator, collector and gallery owner one day.

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