Teen Critiques: Risographs Reaching for Rococo

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Never Not Loving You


The latest art exhibition at Foxy Loxy café is a series of risograph prints from Yellow Owl Workshop.

Yellow Owl Workshop is an art studio that produces stamps, greeting cards, and the like – most of which can be found in stores all across the globe! Yellow Owl was founded by Christine Schmidt (woo girl power!), who still handles the creative side of the company today. Their series of prints currently on display at Foxy Loxy is in total alignment with the pure originality and art chic aesthetic that the Yellow Owl Workshop is known for.  


Live Fearlessly Love Fiercely Cat


Some of you gentle readers may be unfamiliar with what a “risograph” actually is, and hey, no shame there because I didn’t know what it was either!

Well, printmaking is an art form in which you carve an image out of a piece of linoleum and use a special ink to then transfer said image onto whatever it is you want to put it on; like a piece of fancy paper or a shirt or something. It’s basically making a stamp, totally by hand. Yes, the process is actually much more complicated then I made it sound, but it gets the point across.

Risograph is a form of printmaking which is quicker, more eco-friendly (woo the environment!), and more colorfully free – I say that to mean that it allows for color bleeding and full color reproduction. Risographs are made in a printing machine which looks almost exactly like a big photo-copier in an office building.


Banana Lipstick


This series is an example of the amazing color effects that can come from doing a risograph print. Several of the prints, such as “Banana Lipstick” and “New York”, have stroke variation that makes them seem like they were really made by hand using extra-large markers. While other prints, like “Hand Flower” and “La Vie en Rose” (color wheel), have the appearance of being partial watercolors.


Hand Flower


All of the vivid colors and vivacious images seem to be a sort of nod to the Rococo art movement from the 18th century! These prints truly have the elements of color and playfulness that that movement evoked.

There is real beauty in the crisp loveliness that these prints manage to maintain so well. I am a huge fan of the art that came out of the Rococo movement (mostly due to the fact that I am “a color freak”). The fact that these prints managed to create the same sort of internal feelings really made them stand out.




Overall, these prints are a must see for all those who love color and originality.

Y’all can catch them at Foxy Loxy during the upcoming First Friday Art March on Friday, March 4 from 6 – 9pm, or any time before March 26.

Keep it cool, Savannah.

Hannah San Juan

Author: Hannah San Juan

Hannah “Hanana” San Juan. Writer, artist, sasser, “purple freak”, feminist, tree-hugger.

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