SAI Hello: A Letter From the Editor

In the nine months that SAI has been available to the public we have produced nearly 100 original articles, including interviews, reviews and critiques of every kind. As the editor, I’ve been extremely proud of the work our writers have done to bring Savannah quality art-writing on an endless array of topics. Our photographers and videographer, too, have expended an amazing effort for the benefit of the local arts community. To each of you I say sincerely: thank you.

We’ve gotten this far on our own steam, but to make the next 100 articles even better we are asking for your help, Savannah. If you’ve used SAI to make Friday night plans, checked our calendar for info on an upcoming gallery reception, or used our artist’s registry to organize a commission, we would love for you to SAI Hello. SAI Hello is our campaign to raise $2,500 in the month of September to help fund our expansion. With your help, we plan to bring Savannah more art-centric articles, interviews and critiques than ever before. We’ll expand our events calendar and keep the site free for everyone to enjoy.

Your donation not only means you’re supporting the Savannah art community, it gives you a voice. Donate just $25 and tell us what you want to see more coverage of — want a critique of the latest Telfair exhibit? A review of a local musician’s upcoming album? A list of Savannah’s top galleries? Speak up and we’ll listen.

Click here to check out the SAI Hello website and find out more about the campaign. 

Don’t forget to come out to Ampersand (36 MLK Jr. Blvd) on Wednesday, September 24th at 7:30pm to meet and mingle with the people behind SAI and Art Rise Savannah.

Kayla Goggin

Author: Kayla Goggin

Kayla Goggin is the editor of the Savannah Art Informer.

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