Mathematical! Le Snoot hosts an adventurous show

Le Snoot definitely knows how to draw a crowd and put on a good show. This past Friday, they hosted Adventure Calls, an art show dedicated to the animated television show Adventure Time and all its characters. Local artists submitted pieces inspired by the popular cartoon, and the best pieces were displayed in the gallery.

The show drew a crowd of all ages, from kids with their dads to college students. Guests were invited to draw their own wizard to display at the front of the gallery. Appropriately, a TV in the corner played reruns of Adventure Time, where people stayed congregated for most of the show.

All the pieces in the show were prints, with the notable exception of several cross-stitched samplers by Mafe Soltero at the front table.



The most popular piece of the show had to be Logan McDonald’s “Pigg and Jake,” a print of a pig wearing Finn’s trademark white hat, which was used on all the promotional posters.

I feel as though the term “variety of styles” is often loosely thrown around at gallery shows where the pieces don’t all look alike, but there truly was an impressive array of styles here. Some of the depictions were true to form, and others changed up the characters’ appearances, at times significantly. Collectively, the artists took advantage of the creativity and artistic liberty this show allowed them. One of the best parts of the show was its mixing of cutesy and edgier works.


“Tree Trunks” by Emily Quintero


“Tree Trunks” by Emily Quintero was a somewhat hyperrealistic drawing of the elephant, with her makeup was almost garish instead of endearing. “What Time Is It?” by Giorgio Baroni showed Finn as an Arthurian kid adventurer pulling a sword from stone and Jake as an actual dog. Other pieces, like Fernando Matias’ “Tribute to Lady Rainicorn,” stuck to the original character while using the same bright colors the show is known for. Moss also used vibrant hues to create a slightly disturbing rendition of Lumpy Space Princess, who threw up some devil horns and had an upside-down star on her forehead.

This show was fantastic for both die-hard fans and people unfamiliar with Finn the dog and Jake the human. Hosting a submission show focusing on a really popular theme is what Le Snoot seems to do best, and should keep doing. It’s a great way to ensure a huge reception and recognition for these local artists. My only complaint is that we didn’t see nearly enough of Marceline, but that’s just because she’s my favorite.

Adventure Calls will run through April 23 at Le Snoot. Its hours are 10:30-6 Monday-Saturday and 12-5 Sunday.

Rachael Flora

Author: Rachael Flora

Rachael is a recent Armstrong grad and works as the Events editor at Connect Savannah. She's an Ohio native and likes being somewhere a bit warmer. In her spare time, she likes to read classic novels, perfect her photography, and watch Netflix in bed.

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