7th Annual Silver & Ink Photo Exhibit features stand-out artists

“Conglamerate” by Weston Doty

Silver and Ink, SCAD’s premier juried photography exhibition, opened its seventh annual show on Saturday, April 26 at Gutstein Gallery, displaying some of the best student work the university has to offer. It is the photography department’s biggest production and one of the most successful overall; in total there are over 100 pieces of student work. The gallery and space set-up is notably inviting. Walking into a large open space outlined with walls adorned with the pictures, spectators are able to carefully admire the pieces without feeling overwhelmed. The organization of the different categories and types of photography was a tad disordered, but this may have been done to spark the viewers’ eye into observing everything on display. Dark, cool colors set a relaxing ambience for an overall enjoyable viewing experience.

SCAD does a great job of incorporating pieces that vary on different levels as far as type of photography, subject, and the execution of various mediums. While there are some photographs that seem a bit cliché, nothing here goes unappreciated.


from “Alone Together” by Andrew Lyman


Photography major Andrew Lyman’s work is among the handful that really stand out. His pieces Devon – Chinatown and Alone Together are beautifully done and easily admired. The rich subject matter in Devon and the unique concept of Alone sets them apart from the rest. Lyman’s works stand out not just because of their large sizes, but because of the attention to detail and meaning he tries to evoke. Alone Together depicts a couch near a windowsill with the back of two heads peaking from the other side and the hair peacefully laying over the front side. The tone is somber and mysterious and encapsulates the title exceptionally well. Devon – Chinatown is more eclectic, a shot from behind a girl in a store (presumably in Chinatown) that is full of chandeliers and crystal light fixtures — a clever tongue-in-cheek play with the title. Lyman’s pieces are carefully thought through; one easily sees the time and effort that goes into his work.


by Nikki Krecicki


Other stand-out pieces were Weston Doty’s Conglamerate, Margaret Foster’s Enthralled, Nikki Krecicki’s Nikki and Xiwen Zhu’s Secret Yearbook. Having seen Doty’s Conglomerate online before, I was surprised to find out that she is a SCAD student. Silver and Ink proves, yet again, that Savannah (and SCAD) have a remarkable ability to draw in some superb talent.

The exhibition will run until June 1 at the Gustein Gallery on 201 East Broughton Street.

“Hannah” by Meyrem Bulucek

Author: Gage Daughdrill

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