The Person as Theory – House of Gunt explores the self, madness, sex, and the performance of love.

The antidote to Thursday night’s atrocities is a potion rarely found in the modern day medicine cabinet. Aspirin and bandaids fail to comfort the soreness, nor dull the pain wreaked on the eyes and ears of the jocks and nubiles innocently gathered, cloistered, as if at a raucous but required Sunday mass. If only they knew. If only they had been warned.

House of Gunt
 A visual test of sobriety.
 A group of young drag performers.
 A violent toothache in space.
 A flurry of the most rocking parties in town.
 A venereal test of society.
 Savannah's first real performance art in years.
 Yes it's true.

Gunt is real and it came up in a VD test of Savannah. Highly contagious, usually lethal, Gunt is a viral questioning of who you are, and who you want to be. It will kill the weak, leaving only the diva behind. Change is a necessary but painful process for life. Not all will survive the Gunting, but those that do will be fabulous.

Stay tuned for another House of Gunt article about their VD show at the Wormhole on Thursday night. Photos and Videos coming.

Learn more about House of Gunt on their Facebook Page.

Author: Rudolph Valaquez

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