Art About Town: Bob & Julia Christian Open House at 32MLK

“OPEN HOUSE COME IN” said the sign on the door. Being a rather mischievous person and prone to following instructions on signs, I did. The black lettered, white sign hung on a black door framed by a white wall and opened into a treasure trove of artwork, furniture, murals, and more.

Meet Bob & Julia Christian: the husband & wife team behind some of the most detailed trompe-l’œil decorative paintings of the past 33 years. Featured in houses, offices, on furniture, murals, and other knick-knacks across the country, the duo has tackled an extensive array of different substrates. Check out their website at

Mr. & Mrs. Christian are currently consolidating their space into the Julia Christian Gallery on 114 Taylor St. in downtown Savannah. Check it out between 11am and 5pm Monday – Friday.

The 32 MLK Jr. BLVD. location is currently for sale. The fabulous Beth Vantosh is the realtor for the property. Contact her if you’re interested in a look-see or more.

Julia Christians work calls out to a fabulous parade of art historical references.


Julia Christian’s artwork is both simple and terrifyingly complex. The breadth of her work is cause for celebration.



Works in progress at Bob & Julia Christian’s Studio on the corner of MLK & Congress


Paints of various mediums provide Julia & Bob an amazing array of techniques.


Reference books provide valuable information for the subjects repeated throughout the work.


The loft space on the 2nd floor provides ample, sunny space, perfect for a large variety of residents.

Clinton Edminster

Author: Clinton Edminster

Clinton Edminster is the executive director of Art Rise Savannah and a regular contributor for SAI. His interests include books, tea, coffee, and small animals.

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