Cross-processed colors: Q&A with Martin Bell AKA Postcrunk

Martin Bell, better known as @Postcrunk, has been featured on Zen College Life, htmlgiant, and was selected to be part of NewHive’s 11:11 Summer Poetry Series in 2015. He recently had a reading at Couchella Music & Arts Festival at Emory University and less recently released a spoken word album, Her Wikipedia Tears are Blood Diamonds (2013).

Last week, SAI’s Logann Fincher chatted with him about his exhibition, C41, on view in Green Truck Pub’s (2430 Habersham St.) converted drive thru menu gallery case.

C41 is part of a series of images on 35mm slide film processed in the ‘wrong’ chemicals (C-41 rather than its intended E-6) to exaggerate the already vivid colors from flash light gels. Each frame was double exposed but no Photoshop was used.

Bobbie’s Diner

SAI: We’ve known each other for a long time and I’ve followed you as @postcrunk on social media for years. Can you explain for people who might not know – what/who is Postcrunk?

Martin Bell: Postcrunk started as a side project for this blogging gig I had. They required us to get a Twitter account to “understand microblogging.” The startup I was working for eventually folded, but Postcrunk gained a following after Peter Serafinowicz retweeted something I said about PIN codes. What a time to be alive.

Postcrunk: Trap historian, cosmic ghost, sentient life form, ephemeral earthling, rainbow wolf. A Twitter account about a psychedelic time-traveling wolf with 40k+ followers, 2 albums, and poetry readings in apartments, stores, universities, and livestreams. And now: an experimental photography installation in a repurposed drive thru menu.


SAI: You’re the type of guy who’s really into cultural commentary. I’m interested to know if your photography/non-written art (music) is commenting on our culture in the same way your written works do?

Bell: I like to include a lot of neon signs in my compositions to show the pervasiveness of brands and advertising in our lives. But not really no, haha. My photos are more about chance, colors, juxtaposition, memory, and people.


SAI: I wanted to find out if you tie your works in together. Does your music, your spoken word poetry, your twitter feed – do these all tie into the same idea you’re trying to explore? Are all these different mediums to explore the same idea? Are you trying to do with your music what you’re doing with your twitter?

Bell: Different modes of self-expression. My writing can be political, but images are more abstract.

Georgia On My Mind

SAI: Postcrunk is a brand, so are these images part of that brand?

Bell: Everything that exists in our society, unfortunately, has some lifestyle brand connotation. So yes. But Postcrunk is just a name for my art stuff.


SAI: Can you talk about this particular body of work and the process behind it?

Bell: These photos are double-exposed and shot on slide film and processed in C-41 chemicals rather than their intended E-6.  This accentuates and warps the colors of the vivid flash. I like the chance element of analog photography. It’s more unpredictable.

Psychic Blues

SAI: What are you currently working on?

Bell: In talks about a Postcrunk anthology book, working on a spoken word album, and raising a 1 year old rescue dog named Marcel.

Logann Fincher

Author: Logann Fincher

Logann Fincher is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Film and Television. She is a curious, passionate and driven artist, who enjoys experimenting with how media works and using it to progressively educate and challenge those around her. She enjoys the collaborative aspects of art and having a direct impact in her community.

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