Le Snoot emerges with new collaborative show, “Emergence”

words and images by Kayla Goggin

“If we can get enough good people behind a good idea instead of dollar signs, we
could make something really amazing.” – Logan McDonald, Le Snoot Co-Owner

Friday night’s summer wrap-up show Emergence at Gallery Le Snoot was a resurgence in excitement for the gallery team and its patrons. Emergence focused on “works illustrating connections in technology and human growth through scientific advances.” The theme was the result of a collaboration between Le Snoot and community upstart LABNormal+, an organization that currently works with the Kayton/Frazier Boys and Girls Club. Friday’s show aimed to raise funds to help LABNormal+ re-do the Boys and Girls’ Club activity space, which is presently housed in a corrugated gym. 20% of the proceeds garneredfrom art and food sales will go towards re-doing the exterior of the gym.

Savannah arts patrons gather for the collaborative show.

Francesca Carney, President of LABNormal+, explained how she came to Le Snoot several weeks ago with the original idea for a fundraising event, the theme of which was nebulous at best. Le Snoot co-owner Logan McDonald and Head of Publishing Carlos Frade worked with her to develop the creatively provoking theme of the show, a discussion of technology’s influence on the contemporary human experience. The call for submissions brought in a wide variety of local illustrators and painters (mixing traditional and digital processes) including mysterious spotlighted artist “Hanz Ollo”, whose six-foot-tall image of a grotesque astronaut dominated the space. Illustrator Tim Kaminski’s Lily Pad Picnic, Robots at Dinner, Built for Each Other and Robots in the Rain were also highlighted, their luminous pastel colors and angular linework standing in contrast to darker works like Le Snoot Intern Cleonique Hilsaca’s Mechanization of Our Minds, a seemingly bleak representation of the inevitable integration between man and machine.

“Mechanization of our Minds” by Cleonique Hilsaca

Overall, Emergence proved to be a success not just in terms of its cohesive and well curated theme, but also as another milestone in Le Snoot’s young history. Co-owner Logan McDonald emphasized the intense creative process and remarkable team effort that have gone into growing the gallery in the past year. Though I can’t reveal too much at the moment, I can tell you that the Le Snoot team has some seriously exciting events coming up including their second annual 3 Little Prints show, a new sandwich debuting at Revival Fest called the “Bomb-brr” which has been called “the new Conquistador” (taste-testers say it surpasses the infamous Zunzi’s sandwich in deliciousness) and a secret, special new project that McDonald referred to as “Le Snoot’s Death Star”.
Last night ultimately came down to raising money for an extremely worthy cause while enjoying good art, good drinks and good hot dogs. As Logan McDonald said, “[We have] a passion for pigs, business and art.” As a team, Le Snoot seems most interested in being a part of community growth while offering patrons the opportunity to enjoy the best Savannah
has to offer.

Author: SAI

Savannah Art Informer is a program by Art Rise Savannah, a non-profit arts organization in Savannah, Georgia.

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