KidSyc gets psyched on Desotorow

KidSyc’s set at the Wormhole Bar

by Kayla Goggin

Last night’s premiere party debuting KidSyc’s latest music video for his song “Mad Congratulations” was both a whirlwind of kinetic, unbridled energy and a master class in collaboration, symbiosis and what it means to participate in a local Renaissance.

The night began with the premiere of “Mad Congratulations” at sundown, followed by a 30 minute set by KidSyc@Brandywine. Hypnotic blue and yellow lights kept time with the band’s driving beats as KidSyc exploded off the stage, kicking his shoes off and letting his bow tie hang from his collar. With a sound reminiscent of The Roots, OutKast, and 9th Wonder (KidSyc’s personal inspiration), the group found an audience more than willing to move to the beat. KidSyc’s extraordinary charisma was evident not just on the stage but off it–before the set the rapper (also known as Lloyd Harold) took a moment to sit down with me to talk about his goals as an artist and where he believes he fits into the dialogue Desotorow and 13 Bricks are propagating as facilitators of local art.

KidSyc in action at the Wormhole bar.

A former sound design student at SCAD, KidSyc came from Atlanta to Savannah in 2002. Since then he has become a prominent leader in the Savannah hip hop community and found a niche for himself as both a poet and a rapper. His influence and interests extend much further though; our conversation seemed inevitably to veer toward what he refers to as the “Savannah Renaissance”, a movement that he believes all of last night’s collaborators are a major part of. He specifically chose to hold his premiere for “Mad Congratulations” at the Wormhole because of its consistency in promoting local artists and role as a bastion for community growth (as well as the fact that it has “The best sound in Savannah” according to the rapper). He also hoped that holding the premiere outside of downtown would mean that people would have to work to attend; an idea that was certainly successful judging by the electrified crowd.

The event was a collaboration between Desotorow Gallery, the Wormhole Bar, 13 Bricks Clothing, and KidSyc. The Wormhole continues to be a friend and important partner to the Desotorow, offering their services as a venue for the monthly First Friday Art March and other events. Amy Stafford, owner of the Wormhole, confirmed what seemed to be a common mission among the organizations responsible for last night’s event: When asked what she felt the larger goal of the collaboration was, she replied “To expand a positive influence in the community and to improve the area.”

KidSyc begins his battalion of sounds.

President of the Desotorow Board of Directors Lauren Flotte emphasized Desotorow’s position as a facilitator of creative output, celebrating the successes of others in the community and supporting local artists like KidSyc. Vann Seales (Executive Director of 13 Bricks Clothing) also spoke about his company’s mission to create a platform and be a part of mutual creative relationships which allow the audience to participate. Seales and KidSyc are old friends, having established what Seales called an “apprentice/master relationship” where both men switch roles in a constant exchange of ideas and philosophies. At one point Seales explained: “[We] are not about competition between individuals. It is about creating a guild – taking turns putting each other on a platform to exemplify how we change a broken system together.” This was truly in the spirit of last night’s premiere – Everyone involved was clearly focused on creating spaces and dialogues which could enable artists and their audiences to connect on a deeper level. Whether it was KidSyc@Brandywine engaging with the audience during their performance, 13 Bricks sharing their ideas with the audience after the set, or just everyone mingling and discussing their excitement for the revival of the area and KidSyc’s new music, a symbiotic relationship is being established which will hopefully continue to stimulate and sustain this creative Renaissance.

To listen to KidSyc’s latest music visit his bandcamp page: Check out the “Mad Congratulations” video here:

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