Maggie Hayes & Cara Griffin want to teach you how not to feel like shit

  This summer, instead of hate-spiraling about your bikini body or lack thereof, why not learn to love your body for all its quirks instead?   Sure, it’s a sentiment we’ve all heard ad infinitum for years, but Maggie Hayes and Cara Griffin are helping us take charge of our bodies with a tactic different than “belly-blasting techniques.”   The artists/yogis present a joint art exhibit, Bodies of Work, as well as a...

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Jamie Bourgeois’ Mossterpiece hopes to inspire eco-friendly public art

By now, you’ve surely seen Jamie Bourgeois’ golden brown moss painting winding across the facade of Judge Realty’s building on Abercorn Street. An impressionistic exercise in pleurocarp moss, the ‘Mossterpiece’ is as much a celebration of nature’s harmony as it is a call to action. The storefront of a successful real estate company may seem an odd place for an installation about the equalizing power...

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Preserving the Intangible

Savannah’s magnetism is undeniable. There is something that draws people to this place: its streets lined with gnarled, aged oaks; its lush squares awash with the perfume of confederate jasmine; the old buildings, unchanged for a century, the suggestion of petticoats and bustles lingering in their vestibules. The richness of Savannah’s history permeates everything here, from the hollowed ground of the city’s...

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Sherman’s Boot kicks at outdated Southern mindsets

  “Your master status when you become punk rock is punk, ‘cause your background becomes this completely new status, whether you’re black or white,” says Alex Raffray, drummer and apparent lead Boot-propaganda deliverer of four-man “not a joke” band Sherman’s Boot. Before getting into the interview, we talk about the death of Eric Garner, the privilege of “looking punk,” the “one drop rule” and the illegalities surrounding the...

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The beautifully surreal world of Ben Tollefson’s “The Distance that Separates One Person’s Heart From Another’s”

  Ben Tollefson’s The Distance that Separates One Person’s Heart From Another’s is the latest chapter in the local painter’s odyssey through the vividly surreal world of his own making. This is Tollefson’s first solo show since his graduate thesis show (Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain) last February and he’s returned with even more of the painting-as-installation goodness that we dug last time. Artists have...

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First Look: Isaac McCaslin’s Tragedy at Ebenezer Creek series

For the last two months, Isaac McCaslin has been reliving the events of December 8, 1864. He’s been holed up in his studio on Drayton Street, carving out the narrative of the betrayal at Ebenezer Creek into ten charcoal drawings. In a city with so much history, it’s not unusual for Savannah’s Civil War tragedies to become b-plots to other more intense atrocities or battles. The events at Ebenezer Creek are remembered by the historical...

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