Humanizing Objects: Design by Eny Lee Parker

Today we’re excited to feature the work of ceramic artist and furniture designer Eny Lee Parker. Parker is currently pursuing her graduate degree in Furniture Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design while running a small collaborative design business. Check out more of her work here: http://www.enyleeparker.com/.   SAI: What is your design process like? Eny Lee Parker: Depends on the project. Bigger objects such as...

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Photographing the Isle of Hope: Q&A with Alicia Blanchard

Today we’re featuring the work of Alicia Blanchard. Blanchard specializes in architectural photography, but her pet projects are consistently explorations of low country landscapes. To see more of her work (including her beautiful 78 Hours in Saigon series) visit her website, http://www.aliciablanchard.com/.   SAI: What drew you to the Isle of Hope as a subject? Alicia Blanchard: I was reading about historic architecture and...

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“Personal Reliquary”: Q&A with Ryland Quillen

Today we’re excited to feature the work of Ryland Quillen. Quillen is now based in Charleston, SC but previously attended SCAD where he received a degree in furniture design. The following artworks are part of Quillen’s series “Personal Reliquary”. More of his work can be found at http://personalreliquary.tumblr.com/. This interview was originally shared on our Instagram page, @savartinfo. Follow us for more artist...

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The Road to Sustainability is Paved with Rust & Paper

Do you know where your shirt was made? If you know that it was made in China, do you know in what factory? Do you know how the workers there were treated? With the rise of “fast fashion”–a production model adopted by companies like H&M and Forever 21 to cheaply mass produce clothing by employing severely underpaid workers– consumers are more disconnected than ever from the labor chain producing their clothing. A...

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Phillip Sekou Glass to host storytelling workshop at July Art March

  This summer, Phillip Sekou Glass and the organizers of the First Friday Art March would like to invite you to tell a very important story – the story of you.   At this Friday’s Art March, guests will be able to take part in a storytelling workshop led by Phillip Sekou Glass (previously a Drama instructor, director and producer at Kent State University) in the Art Rise gallery on Desoto Row. Along with Gary Swindell (a...

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Andrew Lyman’s “dream boy”: identity and sexuality in the internet age

  This past Friday, Andrew Lyman unveiled dream boy at Non-Fiction Gallery. The brazenly honest exhibition, Lyman’s first solo effort, maps and questions the distance between the digital and physical, fantasy and reality, ideals and actualities. Lyman employs a vast array of media, including photography, writing, installation, and ceramics, to immerse viewers in his own coming of age—a resonate story that mirrors the journey of...

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