Sherman’s Boot kicks at outdated Southern mindsets

  “Your master status when you become punk rock is punk, ‘cause your background becomes this completely new status, whether you’re black or white,” says Alex Raffray, drummer and apparent lead Boot-propaganda deliverer of four-man “not a joke” band Sherman’s Boot. Before getting into the interview, we talk about the death of Eric Garner, the privilege of “looking punk,” the “one drop rule” and the illegalities surrounding the...

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Savannah’s Boy Harsher to participate in 12th annual International Noise Conference

  Boy Harsher is a lot stranger than they let on in hellos, although it seeps through in their set almost immediately. Jae’s vocals fuse into Gus’s beats at the same rate Jae’s hair covers her face and Gus bobs his head. Occasionally they look at each other from side glances and it’s passive and sometimes feels sadistic despite the fact that they’re looking at each other from across the room. Their music is weird. The weirder the...

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Soft Stories and Humbling Hills: Black Water Choir’s Corey Hines

The French restaurant is very dark, and very loud. I’m at a high table in the corner of an alcove made of dark wooden panels, and the first I see of Corey Hines is a sweep of hair and one eye peeking from around the wall. He sits down, hands in his pockets, the abnormal Savannah cold still clinging to his face and sheepskin collared coat. Corey first started making music in the seventh grade with the help of a Fender Stratocaster and...

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Trophy Wives bring feminist punk music to Savannah

  Trophy Wives had always wanted to start a band. At first it was a joke, but it wasn’t long before they were buying secondhand instruments from creeps off Craigslist and writing 30-second long songs. Rachael Boswell, drummer and proclaimed ‘sweet’ girl of the group, says anyone quick to write off Trophy Wives’ sound as “angry girl punk” should reconsider. “We’re more like an aggressive, ‘get-your-feelings-out’ kind of band,”...

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Safe//Sound presents Sun Araw, Weyes Blood and Jeff Zagers

Although local musician Jeff Zagers grew up on punk, his taste has grown more particular as a musician in the Savannah limelight — he only likes loud things now when he’s in the mood. But one thing’s for sure: he’s ready to open for Weyes Blood & Sun Araw at Hangfire this Saturday night at 10pm (presented by Safe//Sound). “Sometimes there’s music that you connect to and it is hard to tell the person next to you what...

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Doesn’t It Feel Grand to Have a Second Chance: Circuit des Yeux’s Haley Fohr

“On the late afternoon of Friday, 30 June 1559, a long splinter of wood from a jousting lance pierced the eye and brain of King Henry II of France. Thus begins the tale of Haley Fohr.” And what a tale it is. – There are some musicians that bleed out their entire story with only one listen. Haley Fohr, better known as Circuit Des Yeux, is one of those musicians, and she’ll make you listen whether you like it or not. The 24 year...

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