Savannah Icons: Q&A with Willian Nassu

Willian Nassu’s MFA Fibers thesis exhibition, Savannah Icons, debuted at the Andaz Salon on Thursday, May 19. The exhibition was comprised of ten portraits of local icons woven with acrylic yarn on a Jacquard loom. In case you missed his show, we chatted with Nassu to find out more about this extraordinary body of work. You can see more of his work here.    SAI: Why “Savannah Icons”? Willian Nassu: I didn’t start out working with...

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Cross-processed colors: Q&A with Martin Bell AKA Postcrunk

Martin Bell, better known as @Postcrunk, has been featured on Zen College Life, htmlgiant, and was selected to be part of NewHive’s 11:11 Summer Poetry Series in 2015. He recently had a reading at Couchella Music & Arts Festival at Emory University and less recently released a spoken word album, Her Wikipedia Tears are Blood Diamonds (2013). Last week, SAI’s Logann Fincher chatted with him about his exhibition, C41, on...

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Documenting a revolution: Q&A with Iain Gomez

SAI: For those of us not familiar with the Umbrella Revolution, could you explain what the title of the exhibition means? Iain Gomez: The title is connected to the Umbrella Revolution, which came about because Hong Kong is this small city that’s run from two different political views. While I was there I was fortunate enough to document this whole movement which was started by the young people in Hong Kong. It went from universities...

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Mavens & Mystics: Q&A with Michael Ezzell

Don’t miss the opening reception for Mavens & Mystics, Michael Ezzell’s first solo exhibition, at Sulfur Studios on Friday, April 6 during the Mega Art March from 6 – 9pm. You can see more of Michael’s work at     SAI: What is the concept behind this show? Michael Ezzell: It’s actually funny, it started out as one thing and then it kind of morphed into a different thing. [The show]...

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Chaotic Devices: Q&A with Jeromy Ross

Jeromy Ross’s MFA thesis exhibition, The Portrayal of Chaos Theory Through the Use of Chance Operations and Integrated Functions, opens at Oglethorpe Gallery on Friday, April 15 with a reception from 6 – 9pm. We chatted with Jeromy this week to find out more about how he’s integrating chaos and scientific processes into his artwork. You can see more of Jeromy’s work via his Instagram page, @jeromyrossartist.   SAI: Your upcoming...

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Michael Betancourt: Courting Disaster

If you’ve never heard of Dr. Michael Betancourt, your ignorance might be by his own design. “I’m very much on the margin,” he told me earlier this month as we sat at a window-side table at Foxy Loxy. Betancourt sipped thoughtfully on a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, choosing his stacatto-rhythmed words carefully before delivering them in his measured, pointed tone. “What I do is not a big part of this art...

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