Disparity: Q&A with Jeremiah Jossim

Local painter, sculptor and conceptual artist Jeremiah Jossim recently sat down with SAI’s editor, Kayla Goggin, to discuss his upcoming exhibition, Disparity, which debuts at the Sentient Bean on Friday, September 2 with a reception from 6 – 9pm.  SAI: Are these pieces all painted on natural pieces of wood? Jossim: I do a lot of carpentry work so I have a lot of scrap wood in my studio but I’ve also become interested in...

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Winners, Losers & Televangelists: Q&A with fibers artist Kim Pterodactyl

SAI: There’s an interesting story behind the pseudonym Pterodactyl. Can you explain?  Kim Pterodactyl: An ex-boyfriend and I thought of it as a memorable surname for the art installations we were creating in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. We were drawn to the combination “PT” in the spelling.   SAI: Can you tell us a bit about your artistic process?  Pterodactyl: I’m drawn to absurdities in American culture...

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Q&A: Bin Feng’s “Pin Man: A Spacetime Odyssey”

Two years ago, Bin Feng walked down Disneyland’s Main Street USA in a gold bodysuit covered in enamel pins. The performance piece (which lasted 30 minutes during one of Disney’s many parades and caused a major traffic jam before Feng was escorted out by security) was one facet of the artist’s “Pin Man” project–an attempt to “discuss pop culture and the value systems” inherent to America. In preparation for the performance, Feng...

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Projections & Personas: Inside J. Adam McGalliard’s Studio

    Going into J. Adam McGalliard’s studio in downtown Savannah, I fawn over the shiny Vespa parked outside the front door and am enamored with his undeterred, pet-seeking pup. But it’s his works on the walls around us that ultimately hold my attention–words leaping from the bridge of a nose and clouds sweeping across a forehead. McGalliard waits patiently as I look from one work to the next. A series of his...

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Mac n’ Sleeze: Q&A with Jana Cariddi

Jana Cariddi’s show Mac n’ Sleeze is currently on display at Gallery Espresso through June 29. Cariddi’s work is a blend of sharp humor, rambunctious creativity, and explosively fun color. We chatted with her to find out more about her process, her unique work, and her plans for the future. Click here to see more of Cariddi’s artwork.     SAI: Can you tell me about the title Mac n’ Sleeze? Where did...

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Artists on display: Non-Fiction Gallery plays host to week-long “Goldfish” residency

When I arrive at Non-Fiction Gallery Wednesday afternoon, it looks more like a studio than a gallery. Bottles of paint and Blick bags stuffed full of supplies dot the floors. The walls are still blank, save a few works in progress that are taped up with black mounting tape. There’s a futon in the middle of the gallery and a laptop blasting Michael Jackson. It feels counterintuitive for the gallery to become the studio—I feel like I’ve...

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