Xiwen Zhu’s “Mined Matter” ventures into the eerie avant garde

  “My friends say I’m creepy,” Xiwen Zhu told me when we met to discuss her upcoming show at Non-Fiction Gallery, Mined Matter. The show (opening November 7 at 7pm) certainly has its moments of disquiet, that’s for sure. At first glance Zhu’s mixed media works appear to be collections of personal ephemera. Maybe the old family photos she incorporates are taken from a complex childhood; maybe the stuffed animals now kept safe in...

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Art About Town: Bob & Julia Christian Open House at 32MLK

“OPEN HOUSE COME IN” said the sign on the door. Being a rather mischievous person and prone to following instructions on signs, I did. The black lettered, white sign hung on a black door framed by a white wall and opened into a treasure trove of artwork, furniture, murals, and more. Meet Bob & Julia Christian: the husband & wife team behind some of the most detailed trompe-l’œil decorative paintings of the...

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“At This Rate” reception sets impressive pace for Armstrong Senior Showcases

Sometimes, attending consecutive art receptions can get slightly repetitive. But “At This Rate” (Armstrong University’s third Senior Showcase) brought fresh and captivating art that truly stood on its own. The reception was held April 4 at Ashmore Gallery with, as always, a sizable crowd. The exhibition featured work by Adam Uhlig, Jud Wichers, Sarah Sexton, Morgan Zilm, and George Papadopoulos, and was the third of four...

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“Transcending Perceptions” group exhibit showcases diversity

The second of four Armstrong senior exhibitions, “Transcending Perceptions,” debuted at Ashmore Gallery on Mar. 21. Bridget Beasley, Michelle Churchill, Dawn DeFrank, Shannon Hurlebaus, and Tramel Ortiz displayed their artwork that spanned a variety of mediums and themes. To earn their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Armstrong, seniors must host a gallery exhibition that showcases their artistic ability. However, the pieces brought...

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Oglethorpe Gallery spotlights experimentation in large format photography exhibit

Last Thursday was the opening reception of “Gone Fischin’,” an exhibition showcasing work made by photography students in SCAD professor, Tom Fischer’s, Large Format Photography Technique II class. Savannah’s electric energy, fed by the end of the SCAD Winter quarter and the pending St. Patrick’s Day madness, carried into Oglethorpe Gallery, where the students, their friends and professors gathered to celebrate the works...

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Madeleine Crawford serves up blood & bones at Non-Fiction Gallery

Bilirubin. Cytomegalo. Dilutional Coagulopathy. Hemochromatosis. Blood, blood, blood, blood was the theme of Madeleine Crawford’s show Friday night at Non-Fiction Gallery. Hematologic, Crawford’s MFA thesis show, explored the abject and the macabre through non-representational paintings of blood splattered, poured and flung onto wood panels. Of course, it’s not real blood – it’s enamel and latex paint with sprinklings of pig...

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