Kimberly Valentinsson’s “Melancholy” is the sad Summer show you’ve been waiting for

  Word nerds know that “melancholy” and “sad” are not synonymous. Sure, they describe a similar feeling, and casual conversation allows them to be used interchangeably. But melancholy evokes a different feeling than sadness—by several sources, it’s defined as “sober thoughtfulness,” “a gloomy state of mind,” and “pensive sadness.” Melancholia, then, is more complex than simply being sad. Kimberly Valentinsson’s solo show,...

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“Span the Gap” presents artist perspectives on Talmadge Bridge

Sometimes we pick the work. And sometimes the work picks us, tapping us on the shoulder asking us to take it on. For Lisa Watson, the tap came unexpectedly. While researching the Talmadge Memorial Bridge’s history for her solo show City Transversed in the City Hall Rotunda Gallery in 2015, Watson learned of the bridge’s rebuild and the past attempts to change the name from its present namesake, former Georgia Governor Eugene Talmadge....

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“Wabi-Sabi” fibers show is all about accepting the beauty of imperfections

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese worldview that is based on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Although it is hard for many of us to accept the beauty of imperfections, Raven Brown and Thea Milinaire depict the beauty of imperfection perfectly through their art works.     Brown and Milinaire are two SCAD (soon-to-be) alumni. Brown is from Atlanta, GA and Milinaire is from Santa Fe, NM. They met through a mutual friend and...

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Bin Feng’s American Dream

Some believe that the American Dream is about working hard in order to achieve fame, fortune, and success. Others believe that it’s about working hard to provide a better life for your Chihuahua named Tiny. Everyone has his or her own American Dream; Bin Feng’s exhibition The American Dream asks us to question what our version of this dream is.     Feng was born and raised in Shanghai, China and will soon receive his Masters...

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Making the Most of the Monkey: Debora Oden gets abstract & personal

Imagine that you’ve built a golf course in Calcutta and monkeys emerge from the trees to steal the balls from the course. It’s an absurd situation, but here you are. Even with all your planning, you didn’t factor in the wildlife. Monkeys come with the turf in Calcutta, but they’re hindering your golf games. When they pick up the balls, they drop them back onto the course, rarely in the same place, making score-keeping impossible. What...

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The beautifully surreal world of Ben Tollefson’s “The Distance that Separates One Person’s Heart From Another’s”

  Ben Tollefson’s The Distance that Separates One Person’s Heart From Another’s is the latest chapter in the local painter’s odyssey through the vividly surreal world of his own making. This is Tollefson’s first solo show since his graduate thesis show (Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain) last February and he’s returned with even more of the painting-as-installation goodness that we dug last time. Artists have...

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