Review: Kristin Edens & Aoife Estes’s “Forma”

  During this month’s Art March, should you find yourself at Non-Fiction Gallery, judge Forma kindly. The BFA painting show from SCAD students Kristin Edens and Aoife Estes will find favor with those who understand its purpose as a platform for two artists’ potential rather than a completed body of work. Though Forma is presented as one exhibition, it is truly two separate shows.     “Forma”, as the show statement...

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Kimberly Valentinsson’s “Melancholy” is the sad Summer show you’ve been waiting for

  Word nerds know that “melancholy” and “sad” are not synonymous. Sure, they describe a similar feeling, and casual conversation allows them to be used interchangeably. But melancholy evokes a different feeling than sadness—by several sources, it’s defined as “sober thoughtfulness,” “a gloomy state of mind,” and “pensive sadness.” Melancholia, then, is more complex than simply being sad. Kimberly Valentinsson’s solo show,...

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Ambedo* Embodied tackles fragility, obsession in dynamic show

It’s the little things. Ambedo* Embodied, featuring works by Briel Hughes, Sean Taillefer, Olivia Laeta and Katharine Russell, opens this week in the new gallery space at 13 Bricks. According to their artist statement, the term ambedo “is a kind of melancholic trance in which life’s simplest details begin to absorb the mind through vivid sensory details—raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, clouds of...

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Nam Nghiem’s “SMDGLST” and the art of conceptual perfection

The first thing you need to know about Nam Nghiem is that he’s a perfectionist. Not the insecure, obsessive kind that re-does a mark 20 times until he’s either crying or satisfied – no, Nghiem is the kind that shows up to work in the shop at Alexander Hall wearing head-to-toe white. When I met him in the workshop last weekend he was there to work out the kinks in one of the prints to be featured in his first solo show. The...

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Review: Maggie O’Hara’s “Gestures of Persistence”

It’s been over a year since Maggie O’Hara, a photography MFA candidate, made a still photograph. Instead, she spent that time pulling together the anxiety-ridden projection and installation work that populates Gestures of Persistence, her exhibition currently on display at Non-Fiction Gallery. To ensure viewers feel the nervous voyeurism that O’Hara intended, the gallery windows will remain completely blacked out...

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Bowdoin’s ‘Bloom’ blends transcendentalist lit with installation

  The opening reception for Bloom, an exhibition currently at the SCAD Museum of Art showcasing Natasha Bowdoin’s installation work was held Thursday, July 9th. Literally blooming off the walls, Bowdoin’s site-specific installation Garden Plot is a blend of sculpture, literature, and painting. The piece’s exaggerated foliage captures Savannah’s current vibrant and colorful summer season.   When you first look at Garden Plot,...

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