“Picnic in the Park” promises fun, prizes, and free Philharmonic performance

Savannah will celebrate National Arts & Humanities Month with the city’s annual Picnic in the Park event in Forsyth Park on Sunday, October 5 — an evening that promises a blend of elegance and family fun. The night will center around the annual Picnic Contest where guests can design and enter their creative spreads to be judged by a panel led by Mayor Edna Jackson. The evening’s theme is “Fly Me to the Moon”, the song originally...

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A Midsummer Night’s Sueño Promises Eclectic Fashion in Forsyth Park

Local designers and artists will grace the Forsyth Park fountain tomorrow evening with a unique fashion show designed to whisk patrons away into an incandescent phantasm of ancient mythology and modern Savannah flavor. A Midsummer Night’s Sueño Fashion Show (the brainchild of SCAD alum Leslie Walsh and Samson Smith) will feature garments and jewelry created entirely by local designers, including Mary Evelyn Gunn, Zachary Howell,...

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Savannah celebrates Flannery O’Connor’s birthday with music & art

On Sunday afternoon, the Savannah Art Informer had the pleasure of attending the Flannery O’Connor Parade & Street Fair in Lafayette Square. To celebrate the author’s 89th birthday, Savannahians came together in the square where she once lived for art, music, and a small parade. References to O’Connor’s short stories were in no short supply – painted signs on trees reminded visitors that, “The basis of art is truth,...

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Good Times and Good Friends at the Savannah Bazaar

From the Book Festival, a Marathon, to the Savannah Bazaar, Savannah awoke this Saturday with an extra shot of awesome events in its veins. Local photographer, performer, and artist Jon Taylor sent us some photos he took at the Savannah Bazaar held every month at the Southern Pine Company on 35th and Broad. Visit their facebook page to learn more about upcoming...

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January Art March warms up Savannah with fresh, new art

With the weather cold and unrelenting, a rarity for mostly balmy Savannah, a march seemed like just the appropriate thing to ‘warm’ things up on an unseasonably brisk Friday evening. An Art March, that is. Art Rise Savannah kicked off January in style with the First Friday Art March, a catch-all gallery hop and art market spanning mid-Forsyth Park to the Starland District. *** I started the march, the first of 2014, with a stop at the...

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December Art March: Observations from an Art March Virgin

by Jordan Dotson, Staff Writer photographs by Peterson Worrell, Staff Photographer Until Friday night, I had never been to a First Friday Art March. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Would a self-proclaimed traditionalist like me fit in with this art scene? Or was it going to be a big hipster-fest that I wasn’t cool enough to understand? Beginning at Adam Gabriel Winnie’s show, Figuring the Self, in the Desotorow Gallery, my fears...

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