Projections & Personas: Inside J. Adam McGalliard’s Studio

    Going into J. Adam McGalliard’s studio in downtown Savannah, I fawn over the shiny Vespa parked outside the front door and am enamored with his undeterred, pet-seeking pup. But it’s his works on the walls around us that ultimately hold my attention–words leaping from the bridge of a nose and clouds sweeping across a forehead. McGalliard waits patiently as I look from one work to the next. A series of his...

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Michael Betancourt: Courting Disaster

If you’ve never heard of Dr. Michael Betancourt, your ignorance might be by his own design. “I’m very much on the margin,” he told me earlier this month as we sat at a window-side table at Foxy Loxy. Betancourt sipped thoughtfully on a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, choosing his stacatto-rhythmed words carefully before delivering them in his measured, pointed tone. “What I do is not a big part of this art...

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Q&A with Jake Larsen, winner of the 2016 Savannah Stopover Poster Competition

Jake Larsen is the winner of the 2016 Savannah Stopover Poster Competition. His poster for the band Yuck featuring some very ripped aquatic creatures swept the votes and won the hearts of this year’s judges. After his big win, Larsen chatted with SAI about his inspiration for the poster and his unique artistic style. Larsen is a SCAD sequential art student set to graduate in 2016. You can see more of his work at...

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It’s Been A Good Ride: Q&A with Christian Roy

Christian Roy is an illustrator and textile designer currently working towards his BFA in illustration at SCAD. His exhibition, It’s Been A Good Ride, is currently up at Sulfur Studios. The closing reception for the show is on Friday, March 4 from 6 – 9pm during the First Friday Art March. You can see more of Christian’s work at     SAI:  So, what does It’s Been A Good Ride mean? Why did you choose...

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More Tales After Tall Tales: Q&A with Raymond Gaddy

The day before I met with Raymond Gaddy, my husband told me to tell him, “If we win the lottery tonight, we are buying the big astronaut piece!” We’d need a bigger house for this 108 x 86 inch mixed media piece called “Untitled, (C. Pelagica)”, completed in 2015. I remember the birds; my husband is a sucker for astronauts and we both loved it. To be honest, I was pretty blown away while viewing Gaddy’s exhibit at SPACE Gallery...

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Digital Beaches / Discarded Aesthetics: Q&A with Jon Springs

Today we’re featuring the work of Jon Springs, specifically his installation titled “Smooth Lagoon”. Springs is originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but currently lives in Savannah, where he’s earning a BFA in Film & Television from SCAD. You can see more of his work at On his website, Springs describes “Smooth Lagoon”: “Smooth Lagoon is a soothing, guided tour of a virtual...

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