Ampersand Features Latest Works by “Green Goddess,” Caroline Rekowski

Artist Caroline Rekowski and promoter Nana Mtendaji are already closer than other similar partnerships. They both have children, they’re passionate about art, and they’re soon to become sisters-in-law. But no nepotism here – the two share a similar vision for art and work together well.  Caroline comes from a creative family background and has little formal training, relying instead on her instincts and natural creativity. Her label,...

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January Art March warms up Savannah with fresh, new art

With the weather cold and unrelenting, a rarity for mostly balmy Savannah, a march seemed like just the appropriate thing to ‘warm’ things up on an unseasonably brisk Friday evening. An Art March, that is. Art Rise Savannah kicked off January in style with the First Friday Art March, a catch-all gallery hop and art market spanning mid-Forsyth Park to the Starland District. *** I started the march, the first of 2014, with a stop at the...

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December Art March: Observations from an Art March Virgin

by Jordan Dotson, Staff Writer photographs by Peterson Worrell, Staff Photographer Until Friday night, I had never been to a First Friday Art March. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Would a self-proclaimed traditionalist like me fit in with this art scene? Or was it going to be a big hipster-fest that I wasn’t cool enough to understand? Beginning at Adam Gabriel Winnie’s show, Figuring the Self, in the Desotorow Gallery, my fears...

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Figuring the Self: A Conversation with Adam Winnie

Photographs by Peterson Worrell, Staff Photographer   In the days leading up to the opening of his new show Figuring the Self at Desotorow Gallery, Savannah artist Adam Winnie sat down with SAI Editor-in-chief Kayla Goggin in his home studio for a conversation about process, method, identity, the nature of violence, and the importance of experimentation. [Adam and I began our conversation with a brief tour of the home he shares...

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October Art March: Desotorow “Rises” to the occasion

October’s First Friday Art March was a celebration of transitions in Savannah, featuring the first appearance of Autumn and the announcement of some very major changes to Desotorow. Come January 2014, Desotorow will have successfully metamorphosed into Art Rise Savannah: an organization which aims to aid Savannah’s creative economy through programs like the Art March, a new exhibitions branch called Fresh Exhibitions and,...

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