Soft Stories and Humbling Hills: Black Water Choir’s Corey Hines

The French restaurant is very dark, and very loud. I’m at a high table in the corner of an alcove made of dark wooden panels, and the first I see of Corey Hines is a sweep of hair and one eye peeking from around the wall. He sits down, hands in his pockets, the abnormal Savannah cold still clinging to his face and sheepskin collared coat. Corey first started making music in the seventh grade with the help of a Fender Stratocaster and...

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The Pathos Factory Wants to Make Savannah Weird

Venture up a staircase rigged with sound and through a hallway that seems to extend into infinity—there awaits a completely immersive art experience the likes of which Savannah has never seen. On Oct. 11, for one night only, the upper level of Ampersand will become the Omnidimensional Pathos Factory, the first real celebration of the Port City’s experimental scene, including musical performances, animated films, surrealist short...

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Doesn’t It Feel Grand to Have a Second Chance: Circuit des Yeux’s Haley Fohr

“On the late afternoon of Friday, 30 June 1559, a long splinter of wood from a jousting lance pierced the eye and brain of King Henry II of France. Thus begins the tale of Haley Fohr.” And what a tale it is. – There are some musicians that bleed out their entire story with only one listen. Haley Fohr, better known as Circuit Des Yeux, is one of those musicians, and she’ll make you listen whether you like it or not. The 24 year...

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Creepoid, Welcome Home

The first time I ever heard Creepoid play was on Halloween weekend at Graveface Fest two years ago. I was outside the warehouse where everything was set up, drinking and waiting for Black Moth Super Rainbow when the Philly-native quartet took the stage. They started out subtle, unassuming, a couple clean guitar riffs as I continued drinking and talking to yet another person dressed like Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker. But slowly,...

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Best of: SCAD’s Silver & Ink

SCAD’s Silver & Ink exhibition is a great way to finally get all the photographic talent rolling around Savannah in one place. Some of the students featured in the exhibit I’ve known for a long time, have attended classes with, and have watched them grow and really hone their craft over the years. What follows is a top 8 of some of my favorite Silver & Ink pieces:   1. Maria Minnelli: Pineapple Fish, Bologna  ...

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