Ambedo* Embodied tackles fragility, obsession in dynamic show

It’s the little things. Ambedo* Embodied, featuring works by Briel Hughes, Sean Taillefer, Olivia Laeta and Katharine Russell, opens this week in the new gallery space at 13 Bricks. According to their artist statement, the term ambedo “is a kind of melancholic trance in which life’s simplest details begin to absorb the mind through vivid sensory details—raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, clouds of...

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Arts Resource Collective to unveil ART MAP SAV this week

Looking to start exploring Savannah’s art scene? Trying to find a new gallery to frequent? The Arts Resource Collective of Savannah (ARC) has just what you need: ART MAP SAV. “There’s nothing like it in existence so far,” says Alexandra Chamberlain, who works with the collective. “ARC is really focused on continuing to make Savannah an arts destination for visitors, and this is one step in that direction.” The map features 111...

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Making the Most of the Monkey: Debora Oden gets abstract & personal

Imagine that you’ve built a golf course in Calcutta and monkeys emerge from the trees to steal the balls from the course. It’s an absurd situation, but here you are. Even with all your planning, you didn’t factor in the wildlife. Monkeys come with the turf in Calcutta, but they’re hindering your golf games. When they pick up the balls, they drop them back onto the course, rarely in the same place, making score-keeping impossible. What...

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Meeting Elvis at 21

It’s always fascinating to think of stars before they were famous, especially those who existed in an entirely different space from us. Elvis Presley shot to fame, peaked, and faded two decades before I was born. All I know of him is secondhand, a strange mixture of jokes about him dying on the toilet and my mother’s almost fanatical love of him.     As I researched a trip to Memphis for my fanatic mother’s birthday last...

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American Vices: New juried show at Non-Fiction explores America’s dark side

Regardless of their virtues, everyone has a vice. It may be buried deep at the heart of their personality, escaping only in certain circumstances. It may take hold of them more than their virtues do, tainting all their actions. Maybe you binge-eat when you’ve had a rough day. Maybe you stare at yourself in the mirror for hours before leaving the house. Or maybe, when you get angry, you have murderous thoughts. What’s your vice?  ...

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