Dear Savannah, Stop Asking Artists for Free Art

Imagine working your 40 hour work week, and then being asked to hand over your paycheck to charity. What are you feeling right now? I bet it’s similar to what most artists feel every time someone asks us to donate to this week’s charitable event. This occurrence is an epidemic here in Savannah. I’m entering my eighth year living and working in the Hostess City. Before the Southeast, I lived in the rustbelt of Ohio, steeped in a mighty...

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Artists on Art: Lisa D. Watson on the magic and business of folk art

I was a foreigner to steamy Georgia when my friend drove me a few hours to Rabbittown, Georgia from Atlanta. The perspiration was worth it as we approached a hill of awe-inspiring whirligigs. It was 1994 and folk art was hot in the South. I was an outlander to the southern trend but soon appreciated its charm and especially the artist R. A. Miller (1912 – 2006). My whirligig broke down in sunny California, but I still have the...

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More Tales After Tall Tales: Q&A with Raymond Gaddy

The day before I met with Raymond Gaddy, my husband told me to tell him, “If we win the lottery tonight, we are buying the big astronaut piece!” We’d need a bigger house for this 108 x 86 inch mixed media piece called “Untitled, (C. Pelagica)”, completed in 2015. I remember the birds; my husband is a sucker for astronauts and we both loved it. To be honest, I was pretty blown away while viewing Gaddy’s exhibit at SPACE Gallery...

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