Preview: Julie Ferris’ “The Art Horse: Series 1” at the Grand Bohemian Gallery

The horse has always found its place in classical works of sculpture, depictions of epic battles, and traditional pastoral or western motifs. Yet you will find no rider, no battle, and no sweeping landscapes of fields, hills or fence posts in this Friday’s opening of The Art Horse: Series 1 by artist Julie Ferris. Set against a bright white background, the horse takes center stage without distraction. On display at the Grand Bohemian...

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6 Reasons Not to Miss This Weekend’s #art912 Summit

It’s time to get out of your studio. No hiding behind your canvas, computer or current obsession. The #art912 Summit is this Saturday, August 27th from 1 – 5pm at the Jepson Center for the Arts and you don’t want to miss it! The summit joins a list of focused programming by the Telfair to support, strengthen, and engage with the local art community. Programming such as the Boxed In/Break Out public art project, SAV Fashion Show,...

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How to host a studio visit

The large, front room at the newly formed Savannah Artist Collective (13 E. 39th St.) was full this past Tuesday evening for a panel discussion and conversation on “How to Host a Studio Visit”.   The panelists for the evening included: Rachel Reese, Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Telfair Museums Erin Dunn, Assistant Curator at Telfair Museums Anna Quinlivan, Gallery Director of the Grand Bohemian Gallery at...

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Projections & Personas: Inside J. Adam McGalliard’s Studio

    Going into J. Adam McGalliard’s studio in downtown Savannah, I fawn over the shiny Vespa parked outside the front door and am enamored with his undeterred, pet-seeking pup. But it’s his works on the walls around us that ultimately hold my attention–words leaping from the bridge of a nose and clouds sweeping across a forehead. McGalliard waits patiently as I look from one work to the next. A series of his...

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“Profiles of Poverty” puts a face on a state-wide crisis

We think we know what it looks like; the tents under bridges, a person ahead of us in line at the grocery store paying with SNAP, or the far-away faces at a bus stop. Yet rarely do we get a glimpse into the reality beyond our own perceptions of poverty for deeper understanding. Profiles of Poverty, the exhibition currently on display at Jelinek Creative Spaces, aims to provide just that.   Presented in partnership with St....

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