The Medeology Collective: Geometries of Power

  The Medeology Collective is a group of SCAD professors from Savannah and Atlanta that combine their love of interactive video sculpture into performance art. Friday night’s performance included artists Kelley McClung, Alessandro Imperato, and James Gladman. The performance, titled Geometries of Power, deals with the ever increasing amount of surveillance in our daily lives and the personal and cultural effects of that...

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December Art March: Observations from an Art March Virgin

by Jordan Dotson, Staff Writer photographs by Peterson Worrell, Staff Photographer Until Friday night, I had never been to a First Friday Art March. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Would a self-proclaimed traditionalist like me fit in with this art scene? Or was it going to be a big hipster-fest that I wasn’t cool enough to understand? Beginning at Adam Gabriel Winnie’s show, Figuring the Self, in the Desotorow Gallery, my fears...

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