Art About Town: Bob & Julia Christian Open House at 32MLK

“OPEN HOUSE COME IN” said the sign on the door. Being a rather mischievous person and prone to following instructions on signs, I did. The black lettered, white sign hung on a black door framed by a white wall and opened into a treasure trove of artwork, furniture, murals, and more. Meet Bob & Julia Christian: the husband & wife team behind some of the most detailed trompe-l’œil decorative paintings of the...

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Good Times and Good Friends at the Savannah Bazaar

From the Book Festival, a Marathon, to the Savannah Bazaar, Savannah awoke this Saturday with an extra shot of awesome events in its veins. Local photographer, performer, and artist Jon Taylor sent us some photos he took at the Savannah Bazaar held every month at the Southern Pine Company on 35th and Broad. Visit their facebook page to learn more about upcoming...

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“Why Not Broughton Street?” Ben Carter Reveals $75 Million Shopping Center

Tomato sandwiches and sweet tea awaited the interested crowd inside the cavernous hall of the Old Clipper Trading building. “Broughton St.” was the phrase on everybody’s lips, more specifically the developments that Atlanta developer Ben Carter was soon to unveil. Easels and display boards, enshrined in decorative ferns, promised of a more walkable, shoppable, and artable Broughton St. Ben Carter Enterprises is...

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House of Gunt x Secret Lover at Hang Fire: Photos and Video

Photographs by Dave Spangenburg The impending snowpocalpypse was not the only event signaling the end of southern decency and life as we know it. House of Gunt and Secret Lover, presented by Safe//Sound, took on the Tuesday night Hang Fire crowd, giving them a performance worthy of the night’s meteorological conditions. House of Gunt is composed of a handful of young cadets dressed to the nines as Savannah’s most...

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