House of Gunt x Secret Lover at Hang Fire: Photos and Video

Photographs by Dave Spangenburg

The impending snowpocalpypse was not the only event signaling the end of southern decency and life as we know it. House of Gunt and Secret Lover, presented by Safe//Sound, took on the Tuesday night Hang Fire crowd, giving them a performance worthy of the night’s meteorological conditions.

photo by Dave Spangenburg – Appalachia Judd, aka  Max Arnzen, the host of “Cable Axis of Evil”

House of Gunt is composed of a handful of young cadets dressed to the nines as Savannah’s most respectable house of drag. Their performance, titled “Cable Axis of Evil,” showcased the finest talents in the House of Gunt’s arsenal. Queens, clowns and even a camp counselor named Craig joined the volatile parade of gender-fluid TV personalities. At the top of the show, our host, Appalachia Judd, introduced Monster Cunt, the abandoned and pregnant daughter of the notorious Bitch Puddin’. The situation escalated slightly with the untimely death of Ms. Puddin after an altercation with Ms. Cunt. Ms. Judd displayed both grace and wisdom by quickly bringing in an adorable and friendly clown to clean up the mess. After the glamorous debacle, Ms. Judd brought out camp counselor Craig, an endearing and fun-loving performer with a knack for song writing.

photo by Dave Spangenburg – Monster Cunt

The second part of the show took the educational approach to government-funded public access. The luxurious Lavender Mist swam to the stage with an aquatic lesson on dolphin culture, followed by a politically stressed but enduringly good-natured TV spot for Dionne Warlocque (see video below). Both ladies performed in front of experimental films of their own creation, projected onto the back of the cozy Hang Fire stage. With the Secret Lover musicians inching closer to the stage, eager to represent themselves as confident musical thespians, Ms. Judd, our faithful host, brought out a going-away cake for a local fan about to leave for a new city and new life. Whitney Houston’s love anthem, reenacted by Ms. Cunt, soothed our weary souls and gracefully delivered the crowd from the ecstasy of Queenmania to the wooden floors of the little bar on Whitaker.

Look out for up-and-coming House of Gunt shows all over town, including one at Chucks Bar on February 6th, and the Wormhole on February 13th.

Clinton Edminster

Author: Clinton Edminster

Clinton Edminster is the executive director of Art Rise Savannah and a regular contributor for SAI. His interests include books, tea, coffee, and small animals.

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