Arts Resource Collective to unveil ART MAP SAV this week

Looking to start exploring Savannah’s art scene? Trying to find a new gallery to frequent? The Arts Resource Collective of Savannah (ARC) has just what you need: ART MAP SAV.

“There’s nothing like it in existence so far,” says Alexandra Chamberlain, who works with the collective. “ARC is really focused on continuing to make Savannah an arts destination for visitors, and this is one step in that direction.”

The map features 111 locations, from studios to galleries to museums, that focus on local art. Each location is marked by a colored dot that corresponds to the type of work shown there, like photography or folk art or glass.

“We do have a really diverse collection of works throughout the city,” Chamberlain notes. There’s also a notation for galleries that show more than one type of medium or have rotating exhibits.

One side of the map shows only downtown locations—a whopping 75—and the other shows the locations in greater Savannah and Tybee Island. The listings also feature the contact info for each spot.

As proven by this gigantic map, Savannah’s artistic scene is expansive, which can make it hard to navigate, but this map literally points art lovers in the direction of the type of art they would like.

Tourists in particular will benefit from the map, Chamberlain says.

“If you’re only in town for a short amount of time, you can pinpoint what arts destinations you’re more interested in, and you can go to those first,” she explains. “You’re not going into all these locations not understanding what you’re going to be seeing.”

ARC is a group of artists and art advocates who make it their mission to promote and sustain the arts scene in Savannah, and the map will definitely benefit that goal.

The exclusion of non-local galleries and the difficulty of finding every single gallery means the map is not quite complete, but ARC plans to update the map as often as needed.

“With Savannah’s art students, things are constantly changing, galleries and studios are popping up, and we’re trying to stay on top of it as much as possible, but it costs money to print the maps, too,” says Chamberlain.

“After the first print you feel bad if you left anyone out, but if someone was left out or we didn’t hear of them, they can contact us and we’ll check them out and put them in the next printing.”

The maps will be distributed this week and will become available at each gallery on the map in the near future, dependent upon when the gallery picks up their copies.

Get your map and start exploring Savannah’s thriving art scene.

ARC will officially unveil the ART MAP SAV at their Reveal Party on Wednesday, May 11 from 5:30 – 7:30pm at Savannah Coffee Roasters (215 W. Liberty St.).

Rachael Flora

Author: Rachael Flora

Rachael is a recent Armstrong grad and works as the Events editor at Connect Savannah. She's an Ohio native and likes being somewhere a bit warmer. In her spare time, she likes to read classic novels, perfect her photography, and watch Netflix in bed.

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