Adam Winnie to open new artist studios in 2016

Artists in need of studio space won’t have to wait much longer for another option to open up.

Local artist Adam Winnie will unveil a new space comprised of two large private studios and an 800 square foot multi-artist studio by the end of 2016. The building is located at 2207 Harmon Street at the intersection of 39th and Harmon streets.

Winnie has been working out of the space (which he is tentatively calling Harmon Street Studios) for about a year. In that time, he has fully re-vamped the large private studio he calls his own and has recently begun work on renovations for the adjacent 260 square foot private studio.

Interior view of Winnie’s studio. This space is roughly the same size as the other private studio which will become available in the coming months.

The private studio is a sizable space with a large street-facing window that floods the room with natural light. Though Winnie envisions the studio as a single-artist space, it could feasibly be shared between two or even three artists who want to work cooperatively or who just want cheaper rent.

The workspace behind these studios will be transformed into an open-concept multi-artist space complete with access to power tools and large, rolling garage doors which can accommodate large-scale works.

Interior view.

Dependent on how long the renovations take, the space could be open within the next few months. At the latest, Winnie is confident that it will be available to rent before the end of 2016.

Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, there is ample free parking around the building and relatively low crime. According to data from RAIDS, crime in the last six months has been limited to two burglaries (one residential, one commercial) within half a mile of the space.

Combined with the affordable rent ($250 for the private 260 square foot studio and $150 per person for the shared 800 square foot space) which includes all utilities and access to power tools, the studios on Harmon Street could be a great option for those unable to get space in Sulfur Studios, on Desoto Ave., or in more isolated spaces downtown.

Winnie doesn’t have plans to buy the building any time soon, so artists would be subletting the space directly from him.

He may not know it, but he’s ahead of the curve. As rents continue to rise in the Starland neighborhood and Sulfur Studios (one of the only affordable artist spaces in the city) remains full and highly in-demand, more spaces are slated to open up in east Savannah in the next two years.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Photos by Logann Fincher.

Kayla Goggin

Author: Kayla Goggin

Kayla Goggin is the editor of the Savannah Art Informer.

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