6 Reasons Not to Miss This Weekend’s #art912 Summit

It’s time to get out of your studio. No hiding behind your canvas, computer or current obsession. The #art912 Summit is this Saturday, August 27th from 1 – 5pm at the Jepson Center for the Arts and you don’t want to miss it!

The summit joins a list of focused programming by the Telfair to support, strengthen, and engage with the local art community. Programming such as the Boxed In/Break Out public art project, SAV Fashion Show, featured local artists in the Jepson Cafe, and more are all part of an ongoing effort to promote and raise the visibility of artists in Savannah.

What is #art912? Inspired by Telfair Museums’ State of Art exhibit, this hashtag connects art with art viewers in the community through social media. With over 800 posts and counting this hashtag provides an incredible view of Savannah’s vibrant and active art scene.

As #art912 gathers the art, the summit is a chance to gather the faces. Here are 6 reasons to come out of hiding.


#1. Guided tour of the State of Art: Discovering American Art Now exhibit.

You may have viewed this exhibition since it opened in February of this year, but this is your opportunity for a true in-depth look. Telfair’s Stephanie Raines (Interpretation and Audience Engagement Coordinator) and Rachel Reese (Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art) will guide you through the exhibition, sharing their expert knowledge on the incredible work from artists all across the United States. As this exhibit showcases emerging artists not too different than yourself, this is an opportunity to gain perspective into your own experience as an artist or art appreciator. The tour is at 1pm.


#2. Hear from local collectors.

Do you wonder what motivates art buyers? ARC Savannah (Arts Resource Collective) will host a panel on the Savannah art market with local collectors speaking on what defines their art collections at 2pm. Here is a chance to get some perspective and be a part of the conversation about the local market.


#3.  Ed Woodham is kind of a big deal.

From Ed Woodham’s “Art in Odd Place” project

This artist–who has strong ties to Georgia–does some truly impressive and inspiring public art works. Woodham will give a lecture on one his best known projects, “Art in Odd Places”, a dynamic, visual and performance art experience along the 2+ mile stretch of 14th Street in Manhattan. With so many public spaces in Savannah and a community of highly creative people, Woodham’s talk at 3:30pm will find fertile ground to kindle the potential that is right here in our community.  


#4. $20 artist membership to Telfair Museums.

Empty the change jar and flip over the couch cushions. This super-affordable Telfair membership price (which coincides with the State of Art exhibition) will not last much longer. Don’t miss your chance to get a deal on membership that includes the benefits of art lectures, free museum admission, special events and more.


#5. …its FREE!

You may have emptied the change jar to snag a membership, but you can still afford to attend #art912 Summit because it’s completely free! Zero, zilch, nada. To attend, all you have to do is register here. 


Your next logical question may be “but will there be an after party?”–the answer is “of course!

#6. The after party

Gather after the event for more connecting, networking, and general art-nerding. They will announce the location at the event.


Still on the fence? Maybe the best reason of all is the unknown that only comes when we simply show up.

Lisa Hueneke

Author: Lisa Hueneke

Lisa is an artist and new resident to Savannah. She loves breakfast, traveling, and exploring the art scene wherever she goes.

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